Lyrics : Anna Lauvergnac  Music : Claus Raible-Anna Lauvergnac


Be still, my soul, and silent

Don’t hope, don’t run, stand still

Let go of the desire

Of dreams to be fullfilled

Wait for the perfect monent,

Then you will find your way

The future will unfold

And the answers will be there

Be still, my heart, be quiet

Reality will change

With every breath, each minute

But your dreams will still be there



Lyrics : Anna Lauvergnac Music : Claus Raible


We need to find our way

A song to sing, a tune to play

The reason and the sense for us being here

Is not what we can achieve

But what we can give

We need to find a way

To be honest and real

And overcome the limits

Imposed by our fears

We’re here to find a way,

Togehter you and I

To break free from the chain

that hold back our minds

Music is the key that opens uo the door

To a universe of magic that can’t be told in words

Music is the place where we regain our souls

Revive our hope and faith

Where we say yes to love



Lyrics and music : Anna Lauvergnac


I am coming back home

With a bigger heart, a few more scars

I travel light and carry no regrets

I can forgive and now I can forget

I’m coming home

Because I learned that silence is something we can share

That love’s measure is the love you give

And that it takes some courage to be able to believe

I am coming back home

With a truer heart, a few more scars

The road is easy, now, while I return

I’m coming home

I’m coming home again.

I’m coming home


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