FREEFALL the duo


FREEFALL anna lauvergnac /claus raible

The music you hear on this album is the result of an incredibly courageous recording session.

Italian singer Anna Lauvergnac and her musical soul mate, German pianist Claus Raible, entered the studio with a well-rehearsed program, ready to start the complex metamorphosis that transforms music from an intangible vision to physical reality.

For her new release Anna has chosen the most intimate and demanding of any musical line up: the duo. The dim lighting in the studio created a candle-light setting that enhanced the closeness of “being just two”.

When the recording engineer asked them to play something to set the sound levels, after a moment of silent contemplation Anna suggested “How about Angel Eyes”? The song was not on their pre-arranged recording set list, just a beautiful composition they both know and love. “OK, let’s try it in E- at.” replied Claus.

After the last note faded out, the sound engineer asked “Would you please come to the control room and listen? There’s something happening here…”

The whole song had been recorded and it possessed the magic that only a rst take can have: a combination of intensity, spontaneity, honesty and intuition.

The two musicians decided to abandon most of the planned material and embark on
an extraordinary adventure: a recording built on instinctive interpretation and real time arrangements.
It was a challenge that required not only profound music mastery but extraordinary sensitivity, two elements that allowed Claus Raible to envision and create some astounding on the spot arrangements.

Anna’s interpretation of each song is instinctive and passionate and her dark and rich sound blends perfectly with the pianist’s harmony and rhythm.
Breaking out of the common pattern of accompanying a soloist, Claus’s playing sounds like an orchestral work enhancing and surrounding Anna’s melody lines.

There is such a strong emotional connection between the two that you can feel and hear this bond in every breath, every word, every chord and every note.

The distinctive trait of this duo and this beautiful album is grounded in the awareness of the jazz idiom and the freshness of authenticity and individuality. Indeed this recording required -and re ects- “passion, intuition, freedom, faith and some madness”. (press text)

ALR 1060 Alessa Records distribution Sounddesign Austria

« She’s all the expression you need and want from a beautiful singer » Mark Murphy

“Anna Lauvergnac today sounds more fascinating than ever” Jazzfun

“On this journey through the great emotions of love, her voice oscillates between sovereign, bitter and velvety” Samir Kock, Die Presse

Claus Raible is one of bebop’s modern lifeguards, resuscitating the music with a newfound vitality. He is among those piano maestros who feel especially indebted to the musical heritage of bebop pioneers Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. Raible merges into this tradition and it merges into him. His music is vital, gripping, and moving. Raible never comes across as a musician who scoops things up second hand, slavishly copying and than regurgitating it back. Rather, he lives what he plays. He has internalised bebop so that it is now an integral part of his nervous system. 

“Wherever he performs, the band members, other musicians in the audience, and last but not least the audience itself are amazed by his confidence in style, his fantasy of improvisation, and the stupendous virtuosity of his performance” Claus Regnault, Süddeutsche Zeitung