« She’s all the expression you need and want from a beautiful singer » Mark Murphy, Jazz Legend

«Praised by Sheila Jordan, Lauvergnac shares that veteran jazz artist’s willingness to risk unusual musical efforts, regardless of the potential consequences.» Don Hackman, The Los Angeles Times

« Anna Lauvergnac sings, simply, as one should sing.  Not only she sings perfectly in tune, but her voice is full of pathos, energy, poetry and emotion. » Paolo Fresu,  jazz trumpet player

Die Rhythmusgruppe legt ihr aber nicht nur einen jazzmusikalischen Teppich aus. Vielmehr schmiegen sich Lauvergnacs weich rauchiges Timbre, ihre geschmeidige Altstimme und ihre nonchalante Phrasierung in das swingende Umfeld. Und Raible findet auf dem Flügel stets den richtigen Ton, den es braucht, um das Expressive, das Emotionale aus ihrer Altstimme hervorzulocken und zu unterstreichen, gleichgültig, ob in einem Klassiker aus dem „Great American Songbook“ wie etwa „You‘re My Thrill“ oder in einem der vier Originals. – Martin Laurentius, JazzThing

« She puts the audience under the spell of her music, her voice, her charisma. » Christian Köpf, Donaukurier

In the circle of Jazz critics, Anna Lauvergnac is rightly praised as a great jazz and soul singer, Together with the extraordinary musicians of the “International Quartet”, she proved to have a fascinating personality and a impressive stage presence. Anna Lauvergnac shone with her expressive timbre, exceptional expressivity , a warm and beautiful voice, and her very distinctive style. – Johannes Seifert, Augsburger Allgemeine


“Anna sings from her heart” Sheila Jordan once said about the long time singer of the Vienna Art Orchestra. Furthermore, one might add, she also has the ability to touch people’s hearts.  There are many singers with a beautiful voice that find themselves a good rhythm section, but Anna Lauvergnac with her excellent travel companions are a real band, able to reach such level of inspiration and communication that they turn a concert into an intense and unforgettable experienceAnd while even the most demanding Jazzpurist will be pampered, also Jazz newcomers will be introduced to what this music can be : not a mere show in which exposing abilities, but a real act of loveMarcus A. Woelfle, Jazz Zeit

Su cuarteto la acompaña con eficiencia, siendo el más interesante el pianista Claus Raible, dueño de excelentes ideas para los solos y los arreglos, pero por encima de todo está la voz de Anna Lauvergnac, que va grabándose en la memoria del oyente de manera casi imperceptible pero constante, hasta convertirse, desde un punto de vista más pedestre, en el sonido ideal para acompañar momentos vespertinos y otoñales, para ciertos escenarios de humo y recuerdos, como también en un exponente ejemplar del canto actual en el jazz, lejos del comercialismo banal de otras cantantes más conocidas. –Cuadernos de Jazz

La Lauvergnac  è costantemente ispirata, che siano ballad come For Heaven´s Sake, in cui il contrabbassista Giorgos Antoniou fa un ottimo assolo, che nei brani più movimentati. Il quartetto intorno alla cantante italiana è molto rodato ed ha raggiunto un alto livello di organizzazione realizzando una perfetta simbiosi fra parole e note, fra standards e composizioni proprie. Si tratta di un disco che nell’ ambito del jazz vocale e del mainstream si pone piuttosto in alto qualitativamente, molto sincero, cui si augura il successo del precedente. –MusicZoom

 Cet album est un mariage de standards de jazz connus et rarement explorés, et quatre titre originaux. Révélée au sein du Vienna Art Orchestra, Anna Lauvergnac avance désormais à grands pas ! -France Musique

 This was truly a great concert and we have received lots of compliments about it.  In the past, we have had many top singers at our concerts and you are certainly one of these.  But you have the edge on them because not only do you have a beautiful singing voice and a personality to match but your stage presence is sensational! –William Wills